Supply Chain Assistant – Shipper/Receiver

Job Position

Supply Chain Assistant – Shipper/Receiver



Job Category



  • Loading and unloading materials either manually or by forklift
  • Driving the company’s vehicle for picking up and dropping off of material and rental items 
  • Using a master list for maintaining accurate locations for inventory
  • Completing changing reports accurately and clearly regarding received materials  
  • Keeping and tracking records of the rental agreement 
  • Giving daily feedback regarding the advancement of assigned tasks and the performance of equipment 
  • Encouraging the employees to follow safety protocols
  • Unpacking, coding, and routing goods to suitable storage areas

Pay Range

$14.00 – $22.00 per hour

Core Competencies Required

Must be physically fit to lift up to 50lbs of weight , Remarkable communication and written skills , Possess good knowledge about MS Word, Excel, and Outlook, Must be able to understand hand and verbal signals related to crane and lifting equipment

License Required


License Details

  • A valid driver’s license is required