Pipeline Batching Technician

Job Position

Pipeline Batching Technician



Job Category

Oil & Gas


  • Developing and obtaining batching instruments in compliance with project requirements.
  • Evaluate the state of the tool and, if necessary, repair it.
  • Obeying Department of Transportation guidelines for health, safety, and environmental methods.
  • Establishing a strong professional relationship with customers. 
  • Preserving strict adherence to corporate policies when driving company vehicles.
  • Cleaning of vehicles, workshops, and premises on a daily basis. 
  • Preparing presentations and paperwork and being diligent to meet deadlines.

Pay Range

$28.00 – $34.00 per hour

Core Competencies Required

Must be knowledgeable in field-related computer applications, Outstanding organizational and time management skills, Phenomenal customer relations abilities, Able to work well individually and with other team members, Exceptional oral and written English communication skills.

License Required


License Details

  • A valid class 5 driver’s license.
  • HS2 Alive License.
  • Standard First Aid/CPR License.