Oilfield Laborer / Oil & Gas Well Driller – Motor Hand

Job Position

Oilfield Laborer / Oil & Gas Well Driller – Motor Hand



Job Category

Oil & Gas


  • Ensuring the cleanliness of equipment
  • Performing preventative maintenance on all equipment
  • Keeping the record updated for required equipment by filling out log sheets correctly
  • Inspecting main engines, air compressors, and compressed air system to ensure proper working
  • Helping Derrick hand and Floor hand with working on pumps on the drill floor
  • Learning and following the company’s safety policies


  • Must have completed secondary education
  • Completion of petroleum industry-approved training courses
  • H2S Alive Certification
  • Standard First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Hydrogen sulfide awareness Certification
  • Common Safety Orientation or (EGSO/PST/GELS)
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) Certification
  • Rig Technician Level 1 Certification


  • One year of experience as a motor hand is preferred
  • Three months of training with an experienced operator is required

Pay Range

$23.25 – $48.62 per hour

Core Competencies Required

Willingness to work away from home for significant amount of time, High mechanical aptitude, Great physical strength and stamina to transport heavy equipment, Ability to work in harsh weather conditions like rain, heat/cold, and exposure to loud noises

License Required


License Details

  • A valid driver license is required