Oil & Gas Well Drillers, Servicers, Testers And Related Workers – Driller

Job Position

Oil & Gas Well Drillers, Servicers, Testers And Related Workers – Driller



Job Category

Oil & Gas


  • Unloading scaffolding materials on-site
  • Halting the scaffolding slipping and then erecting scaffolding poles as per the building regulations
  • Making a stable foundation for scaffolding
  • Ensuring planks are present for workers to walk on
  • Fixing guard rails, ladders, and safety netting
  • Dismantling the scaffolding frame once the job has been finished
  • Fastening the poles to each other with the help of couplings


  • Must have completed secondary education
  • A college diploma in drilling
  • Standard First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Common Safety Orientation or (EGSO/PST/GELS)
  • Transportation of dangerous goods (TDG) Certification
  • Special oil well operator Certification
  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) Certification 


  • Previous experience as a general construction laborer is required
  • Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) training is required

Pay Range

$17.00 – $36.00 per hour

Core Competencies Required

Responsible attitude, Excellent practical skills, Able to work at heights without hesitation, Good organizational skills, Great physical strength and stamina , Willing to work for long periods of time, Strong communication skills, Ability to work in harsh weather conditions like rain, windstorm, heat/cold

License Required


License Details

  • A valid Class 5 driver’s license is required with three years abstract