Drilling Product Expert

Job Position

Drilling Product Expert



Job Category

Oil & Gas


  • Comprehending the software’s requirements and the product’s constraints before creating new drill bits.
  • Completing the production loop by assessing the latest technological PDC cutters and resources.
  • Providing technical assistance to clients is provided through training and post-run reports.
  • Determining where innovative, cost-effective methods can be implemented.
  • Investigating value-added product and service possibilities.

Pay Range

$38.00 – $46.00 per hour

Core Competencies Required

Must be proficient in MS Office, e.g. MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, etc, Able to work well in a rapid-paced environment, Incredible mechanical proficiency and problem-solving skills, Effective communication skills and interpersonal skills, Excellent organizational skills.

License Required


License Details

  • A valid driver’s license.
  • Standard First Aid/CPR License.
  • H2S Alive Certification.