Why Choose a Career in Construction?

by Usama Chaudry on October 7, 2022

In case you are looking forward to building a career in a profitable field or just looking to land a high-income job, the construction industry has a lot to offer. From outstanding pay scales to limitless growth opportunities, there are multiple reasons that can easily convince you to pursue a career in construction.

We have put together a list of the top ten solid reasons that will answer all your burning questions and concerns.

Let’s get started.

10 Solid Reasons to Start a Career in Construction

Reasons to Start a Career in Construction

There are many reasons to consider a career in construction. Perhaps the most obvious one is that there is always a demand for qualified workers in this field. But beyond that, construction offers plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement, as well as a range of interesting and challenging assignments. Here are 10 solid reasons to start your construction career today!

  1. Good Pay
  2. Career Advancement and Stability
  3. Roles and opportunities are diverse
  4. It’s Not a Boring Desk Job
  5. Satisfaction at Work
  6. Work With New Technologies
  7. Every day is unique
  8. Career That Is Unique and Meaningful
  9. Employment opportunities
  10. Travel Frequently

1. Good Pay

A construction job typically has an outstanding pay scale especially if you stick to it consistently. The average annual salary of a junior construction laborer in Canada is around $51,072. More senior roles such as senior construction estimators make around $84,995 per year.

2. Career Advancement and Stability

In most jobs, such as working in a fast food joint, the room for growth is quite limited. However, in the construction industry, there are limitless opportunities to polish your skills, stabilize your career, and eventually earn more money.

After a few years on the job, a journeyperson who is considered a skilled, licensed professional in their field of construction can choose to work as a project manager, superintendent, planner, or even a construction scheduler.

Professionals may choose to further their education before making this transition. For example, you might want complete your MBA before taking on a management role. However, because talent and experience are more important in the construction industry, an MBA may not be always required.

3. Roles and Opportunities Are Diverse

One can easily switch roles within the construction industry if a certain role or job becomes too boring. This procedure is termed ‘lateral movement’. For instance, if you have done plenty of work in the electrician niche and now you want to proceed to the HVAC niche, you can easily make a switch to the HVAC niche through your previous experience and knowledge that you gained while working as an electrician.

This kind of lateral movement isn’t possible in most professions, however, in construction, it is quite doable. You can make use of skills gained in one area to explore another role within the construction profession.

4. It’s Not a Boring Desk Job

The idea of a regular 9-5 job while being trapped in a boring office environment seems pretty daunting to a lot of people. In case you hold the same opinions, you can easily escape this fate by simply choosing a career in construction. There are multiple roles in the construction industry that require you to work outdoors instead of in an office environment.

5. Satisfaction at Work

For the majority of people, their job covers a small portion of a long process, hence they never get to witness the definite results of their contributions. Unlike regular jobs, working in the construction industry is quite rewarding because one can always see tangible results of their individual efforts.

6. Work With New Technologies

If you have a knack for the latest innovation and technology, choosing a career in construction is one way through which you can closely work with all the latest technology and advancement being made in the construction industry.

7. Every Day Is Unique

As mentioned above, a career in construction won’t limit you to a mundane 9-5 job. In fact, it offers a lot of exciting job roles that will require you to work outdoors. Plus, you might be required to work on different projects every other day that too in different locations.

In this way, a career in construction never gets dull, you wake up to a unique and exciting work agenda every day!

8. Career That Is Unique and Meaningful

Unlike other regular jobs where you hardly get to witness the direct products of your contributions, a job in the construction industry enables you to view the tangible results of your efforts. At the end of a day’s hard work, you can fill yourself with contentment by seeing your progress directly. And, unlike in other industries, construction workers are frequently given opportunities to learn new skills and advance in their careers.

9. Employment opportunities

The construction industry has hit an all-time high owing to the never-ending demand for housing due to the rapid increase in the population. The job market for construction workers always has plenty of vacancies. Furthermore, construction workers are most in demand all over the world.

This means one will never remain unemployed if one chooses a career in construction because there is a huge demand for construction workers.

10. Travel Frequently

In most construction roles, one gets frequent travel-work-related opportunities. After you complete a project in a specific location, you might get to take up a project in another location. Hence, if you are someone who loves traveling, a career in construction is definitely the best choice for you.

Canada’s Best Careers in Construction

Top Careers in Construction in Canada

There are multiple career options in construction. We have enlisted Canada’s 5 best careers in the construction industry along with their expected average salaries.

1. Construction Laborer

The duties of a construction laborer include performing various tasks in order to carry out routine work at any construction site. A construction laborer is generally responsible for loading and unloading raw materials, and tools, and carrying out other physical tasks. A construction laborer makes around $43,751 per year in Canada.

2. Construction Manager

The main responsibility of a construction manager is to supervise and oversee the construction operations of any project be it commercial or residential. The average annual salary of a construction manager in Canada is around $74,535.

3. Construction Project Manager

A construction project manager is mainly responsible for supervising all aspects of building any project. From budgeting, and planning, to execution, everything falls under the responsibilities of the construction project manager. Typically, a construction manager makes up to $80,719 in Canada.

4. Construction Superintendent

Construction Superintendents are mainly responsible for managing and coordinating all on-site activities. They work closely with almost all the project teams in order to deliver a finished product within the client’s budget. A construction superintendent usually makes $84,597 per year in Canada.

5. Construction Estimator

The Construction Estimator is responsible to estimates and draws up a budget for any existing or upcoming construction project. The average annual salary of a construction estimator in Canada is around $74,899.

How to Start a Career in Construction in Canada?

Career in Construction in Canada

There’s no one predefined way to enter the construction industry. With so many career paths to choose from, finding the right fit for your interests and lifestyle is crucial.

It makes no difference where you are in your life – whether you have already completed a degree, or are looking for a second career – because any time is a good time to get start a career in the construction industry.

To make it easy for you, we have highlighted the three ways you can start a career in the construction industry.

  1. 1. Sign up as an apprentice and combine on-the-job training with classroom instruction.
  2. Enroll in post-secondary education at a university, community college, or technical institute and prepare for a career in construction.
  3. Alternatively, find work as an entry-level construction worker and learn the necessary skills on the job. Primus Workforce can help you find work in the construction industry easily.

In case the above-mentioned compelling reasons have moved you and now you look forward to making a career in construction, get in touch with us! Get your resume ready and start off by browsing relevant jobs in the construction industry.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Is construction a good career choice?

With the ever-growing demand for construction workers, the construction industry has become one of the largest industries in the world offering high-income jobs. A career in construction gives you good money along with ample room to grow eventually.

2- What is the highest-paid job in construction?

The highest-paid job in construction is of elevator installer and repairer. The opportunities for growth are expected to increase more in this specific career.

3- What is the toughest job in the construction industry?

The job of roofing and demolition qualifies as the most physically demanding and toughest job in the construction industry.

4- What is the easiest type of construction job?

General labor is considered one of the easiest types of jobs in the construction industry. Even though this job is pretty easy, you get to learn a number of skills along with multiple opportunities to advance in your career.


A career in construction is truly rewarding in not just a single way but in multiple ways even beyond your imagination. From providing career stability, and high income, to providing limitless opportunities for growth. It is a well-known fact that the pros of working in the construction industry will always outweigh its cons.

In case you are still fidgeting with the query why choose a career in construction, head over to Primus Workforce and look for yourself at the high pay scale and undying demand for jobs in the construction industry.

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