What is Construction Management?

by Usama Chaudry on May 16, 2022
Construction management is like a process of managing duties at the construction site. You might also be familiar with the official construction management definition by CMAA as it covers all its components concisely. According to CMAA, it’s like a professional service that brings project management schedules to avoid hassles. It includes various important services like the project’s overall scope and quality. Additionally, it will count the cost of items used for the project. Also, this technique is very crucial for a flourishing construction project. That is the reason why the property owners must consider a construction management schedule to elevate results overall. Also, people involved in the construction business have to get awareness regarding construction management for superior outcomes.

Responsibilities of Construction Management

There are various responsibilities of a construction manager to manage construction affairs. In addition, a construction manager supervises the work pursuits through team efforts. They make sure that things are incomplete patterns for balanced results.

Plan and Execute Ideas

Project managers have to devise the construction’s working nature and its feasibility. So the builders have nothing to do with the development ideas, but the construction managers do. They plan everything at construction sites. After that, the builders or the workers work according to the instructions given by the construction manager or its team.

Monitor Progress

The project managers consider everything, including the work progress and deadlines. These things are held into the management data to ensure better work credibility every day. Moreover, that creates a specific working schedule for the workers to work efficiently.

Manage Expenses

Untamed costs of building are a worrying factor for the building owners. That is why construction managers keep checks and balances to cut down extra expenses. This reduces the overall construction cost of the property. Therefore, every property owner requires a construction manager to manage expense affairs. Some owners don’t acquire this awareness, so they end up making a mess out of their overall construction expenses.

Solve Problems

Now, this is one of the important aspects of a construction manager. A property owner can face various issues during the course of the construction. A construction manager will deal with almost all critical construction or work efficacy issues to alleviate matters. That adds to the quality of the work regarding the project. In addition, it also addresses the concerns of the workers if they face work obstructions. If the problems keep rising during the work, the project progress will be on the back foot. A construction manager will address all the problems on-hand to keep the progress better and consistent.

What are Construction Management Functions?

Construction management leads your project from the front in all possible ways. So some important components of construction management are as follows!

Function #1: Project Management

That concerns the overall upbringing of any construction project. You might grasp one of these management functions by looking over all the aspects of a construction site. The project management includes completing homework to calculate results and working efficiency.

Function #2: Cost Management

Now here comes one of the important management responsibilities. This is to take control and manage the expenses at the construction sites.

Function #3: Time Management

Time management holds great importance. This function patterns the time and schedule for work along with the project’s deadline.

Function #4: Quality Management

This function ensures that the working efficiency improves every second. So workers are able to build more without having to increase the resources.

Function #5: Contract Administration

It regards the fulfillment of conditions with different contract holders like other clients and suppliers.

Function #6: Safety Management

It is concerned with the functional safety of the workers at construction sites. This function mainly focuses on the worker’s overall health and physical stability to improve results.

Most Common Phases in Construction Management

There are 5 phases in the context of construction management. These phases are explained below!

1. Initial Phase

This is the beginning of any project management where the ideas are being discussed. So this phase is mainly supportive of the ideas and their exploration with respect to the construction of a building. Moreover, it does include the feasibility of ideas as well.

2. Pre-Construction Phase

In this phase, the constructor creates strategies to see the working credibility under these strategies. So a pre-construction phase is very crucial to meet the success of an overall project.

3. Procurement Phase

All the important work feasibility results are revealed. In addition, the phase holds great importance in acquiring materials to complete the overall construction project.

4. Construction Phase

This phase is about giving physical attributes to the building structure. Here, a contractor and its team will play their roles to implement strategies.

5. Post Construction Phase

Now comes the time to close things off with respect to the building material supplies and payment of bills for received services.

Systems and Tools Used In Construction Management

These tools are in great practice to manage construction management affairs with ease. Some of the tools are as follows!
  • Zoho projects
  • Wrike
  • Asana
  • Trello
  • Kissflow project
  • Monday.com
  • Proofhub
  • Clarizen
  • Airtable
  • Zenkit
  • Kanban tool
  • Meister task
  • Clickup
  • Paymo
  • Teamwork

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- What exactly is Construction Management?

Construction management is like a professional service that takes overall project management to promote better results. The services could be regarding cost management, quality of work, and safety concerns.
Therefore, construction management is an absolute mandatory service for every property owner.

2- What does a construction management person do?

Construction management plans and executes ideas along with other important responsibilities regarding the project. The entire project management is in the safe hands of a construction manager. Besides, he controls everything and executes actions using his team.

3- Is construction management a good career?

Construction management is circulating in prime demand these days. You will find even more entry-level construction job opportunities than other conventional jobs in the market. Additionally, construction management pays a good amount of money.
So, construction management is a viable career option to pursue in today’s construction sector.

4- What skills are needed for construction management?

There are several skills required to become a promising construction manager. A construction manager must have great time management qualities along with good speaking skills. Additionally, a construction manager must have established leadership qualities to lead from the front.


So construction management is very essential for the success of any project. The construction management brings down the extra costs chart while bringing stability to work. In addition, it brings several key qualities to the property owner marking reliability. That’s what makes it the backbone of your construction project.

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