What Do Oil Field Nurses Do?

by Usama Chaudry on May 16, 2022

Nursing is a widespread profession, and almost everyone knows it. All nurses provide medical care and look after people in health trouble. But there’s one unconventional field where nurses offer their special services on offshore and rigs.

So what do oil field nurses do? This question must be shaking inside your mind, and we’re here to address this today. Oil field nurses can encounter various difficulties in an unsuitable working environment.

What Responsibilities do Oil Field Nurses Have?

Oil field nurses are proven to be highly important in this context. The nurses are fully responsible for providing emergency care or assistance to the patients. Considering the working conditions, most of these patients can be injured or sick.

Tough physical conditions are the reason why oil field nurses are in charge of everything. Workers can’t continue work when they are injured or in bad health. So oil field nurses look after emergency medical cases on-field.

Workers frequently face medical complexities during working and non-working hours.

Therefore, nurses take on shifts to monitor and supervise the health concerns of the oil field workers. These were some of the important things regarding “what do oil field nurses do.”

How to Become an Oil Field Nurse?

Now, this is one of the important questions shaking on the internet. There are a few things to acknowledge when considering the oil field nursing profession.

There will be experience and education requirements to satisfy when applying for an offshore nurse job.

So without further ado, let’s get right into the points below!

Educational Requirements

This is one of the main requirements for an offshore nurse job posting. Many people overhear this part when it is the most important one. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or alternative science subject.

  • A nursing diploma can make a great difference in your profile

In addition, the nursing diploma can also work in this situation for acceptance at oil rig nurse jobs.

Some companies set a specific bracket to select the candidate based on the minimum bachelor’s degree. So it is better to go ready and be presentable with specified education requirements.

Obtaining a License

Working as a registered nurse requires some protocols to be fulfilled. You will have to qualify in the National Council Licensure Examination to pass through. Also, the licensing process could be different depending upon the state.

So you will have to research your local state’s rules and regulations regarding licensing. The licensing for oil field nurses is different when we put them in comparison to base nurses.

Why Licensing?

There is a thing to comprehend here when we talk about acquiring the license for oil field nursing jobs. This work is very different from base hospital jobs in nursing. Nurses have to perform outside their conventions, which demands expertise with passion.

Therefore, licensing is carried out to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the work in the field. That is also to specify the high offshore oil rig nurse salary requirement.

Vast Experience Required

You might not be aware of this part, but it counts massively in the application process. Most oil rigging companies demand nurses to have extensive experience working in hospitals alongside professionals. And that is also for a reason.

Oil field nurses are to make decisions on their own when on offshore or rigs. Doctor support is suitably unavailable, leaving nurses in charge of medical emergencies. That is a pivotal reason for the experience demand of oil field nurses.

Does Experience Count?

Experience does count a lot in the nursing field or medicines. Experienced nurses become familiar with most medical procedures by working under professionals. That brings up the value of experience over the aspect of education.

Education does make documents shine, but the experience helps outpatients in the form of an emergency with respect to the oil field.


You have to appear very confident during your interview. Confident candidates have a position acceptance probability than any other candidate in the world. So wear great confidence when you are going for interviews.

Be sure about the knowledge that you have acquired in all those years of education and work. This will boost your chances of getting a job on the oil rig in general.

Apply at Multiple Places

Make sure to apply for as many vacancies as possible. That will boost the probability of getting acceptance somewhere.

Moreover, use your connections in the field, and see if you can create chances to win a suitable job position in the oil field.

What Skills Are Required for an Oil Field Nurse?

When you apply, there are several requirements to pass for the oil field nurse position. The required qualities are stated below!

Diagnostic Abilities

An oil field nurse must be equipped with a wide range of medical knowledge. This knowledge assists in the accurate assessment of medical conditions in the patients. That is the reason why nurses are required to have supreme diagnostic capabilities to excel in the field.

Medicinal Knowledge

An oil field nurse must flourish in knowledge regarding medicines. Having acquired a wide range of research regarding medicines will help a nurse succeed in healing capabilities in the field.

Therefore, the contestants must come up with a strong impression of medicinal knowledge. That will put them in a confident state to get selected eventually.

Time Management

This is also a very important quality or skill, one can say. Time management comes of great value when a nurse has to deal with multiple patients at once. So, this skill brings successful healing value to oil field nurses.

Also, the working circumstances add to this skill required.


A nurse has to be very polite and must be able to communicate effectively. This comes in prime value when nurses have to communicate properly with patients. Transparent communication of value will make things simpler.


An oil field nurse must be equipped with superior manners and the ability to cooperate. Cooperation can be regarding the working circumstances or an obstinate behavior of the patients. A non-cooperative nurse won’t be able to give proper treatment to the patient in dire need.

What is the Average Salary for Oil Field Nurses?

There is no specified payment bracket for the oil field nurses. It can differ in every state, and that also depends on the working circumstances.

The working environments are very unconventional for the nurses as compared to the base nursing jobs.

Nursing jobs at oil rigs are highly rewarding and are supposed to pay more because of the tough working conditions on offshore rigs.

On average, oil field nurses make around 110k-120k dollars annually. This is some increase from the base salaries of nursing staff.

Besides, the offshore oil rig nurse’s salary can differ depending upon the state. But this number specifies that an offshore nurse actually makes a lot of money by working in an unconventional way.


Oil field nurses are not many, yet they contribute massively to unconventional oil rigging sites. It takes years to comply with the requirements of an oil field nurse.

Besides, oil field work demands compromise while it does pay more than the base nursing jobs at hospitals.

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