Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada

If you’re considering changing careers or you lost your job during the pandemic, you might be wondering, what are the most in-demand jobs in Canada? No doubt, the pandemic drastically changed Canada’s job market overnight, affecting industries across the board ranging from tech to production and manufacturing, causing a considerable decrease in the number of immigrants.

Thus, the demand for immigrant workers has increased, as they are needed to heal the country’s economy from the massive impact of covid-19.

In 2020, only 184,370 new immigrants came to Canada due to the covid-19 travel restrictions that the country had to implement in March of last year.

This resulted in immigration levels dropping and the IRCC falling short of its goal to admit 341,000 new immigrants throughout the entire year.

To overcome this shortage, Canada has decided to welcome 401,000 new permanent residents in 2021, 411,000 in 2022, and 421,000 in 2023.

This is great news for foreigners who plan to migrate to Canada for work, mainly because the chances of working in Canada are much higher than they were before.

Best Jobs In-Demand In Canada

White-Collar Jobs In Canada

  • Web Developers

Average Salary: $69,305

NOC Code: 2175

  • Human Resources (HR) Managers

Average Salary: $89,003

NOC Code: 0112

  • Financial Advisors

Average Salary: $62,971

NOC Code: 0111, 1114

  • Pharmacists

Average Salary: $89,314

NOC Code: 3131

  • Administrative Assistants

Average Salary: $45,927

NOC Code: 1241

  • Project Managers

Average Salary: $91,425

NOC Codes: 0211, 0213, 0711, 1221

  • Account Managers

Average Salary: $86,104

NOC Code: 4163

  • Business Development Managers

Average Salary: $84,003

NOC Code: 4163

  • Accountants

Average Salary: $59,100

NOC Code:  0111, 1111

  1. Software Engineers

Average Salary: $100,562

NOC Code: 2173

Labour Jobs in Canada

  • Welders

Average Salary: $73,504

NOC Code: 7327

  • General Labourers

Average salary: $29,250

NOC Code: 7611

  • Drivers

Average Salary: $44,836

NOC Codes: 7511, 7521, 7452

  • Industrial Electricians

Average Salary: $83,671

NOC Code: 7242

  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

Average Salary: $82,864

NOC Code: 7312

  • Electrical Engineers

Average Salary: $91,832

NOC Code: 2133

  • Merchandisers

Average salary: $48,610

NOC Code: 6222

  • Sales Associates Or Representatives

Average salary: $52,277

NOC Code: 6411

  • Pursers And Flight Attendants

Average salary: $88,294

NOC Code: 6522

  1. Groundskeepers

Average salary:  $34125

NOC Code: 8612

Emerging Jobs in Canada

Jobs belonging to IT and engineering fields are emerging and most in-demand jobs in Canada. They are:

  • Artificial Intelligence Specialist
  • Big Data Developer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Customer Success Specialist
  • Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Data Consultant
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Experience Designer
  • Full Stack Engineer
  • JavaScript Developer
  • Product Owner
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Which Jobs are In-Demand in Canada due to COVID?

The covid-19 pandemic in Canada has overhauled the way people work. In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, millions of people started working from home full-time as a measure to restrict the spread of the virus.

The massive shift to remote work, increased use of digital collaboration tools, new and improved health and safety policies, and updated office and workplace layouts have all led to a surge in demand for many jobs.

So, if you were unable to find work due to the pandemic, don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada due to covid-19:

Call Centre Representatives

The covid-19 pandemic has caused customer service phone lines to ring off the hook. From clarifying queries of customers to assisting them regarding the cancellation or suspension of their services, or helping them in orders placement, call centre representatives have their hands full

Delivery Drivers

Delivery drivers are high in demand in the pandemic as they help the retailers in stocking the store shelves by delivering to them the essential goods. In the pre-pandemic situation, the drivers delivered the goods only once or twice a week.

But, as the pandemic sprang up, the number of deliveries has increased significantly, with some heavily trafficked stores receiving multiple deliveries on a daily basis.

Advertising and Marketing Managers

Although employment has been affected by the dramatic drop of traditional advertising due to covid, the industry is now going digital to reach its customers.

Thus, with companies investing their marketing budgets into social media marketing and online and video advertising, advertising and marketing managers are in high demand to execute those strategies.

Database Analysts and Data Administrators

Throughout the pandemic, the government and other organizations have prioritized case tracking and COVID-19 data analysis. So, these workers have been involved in much of the COVID-data analysis process.

Registered Nurses

The influx of patients at hospitals and clinics due to covid-19 has caused the shortage of nurses and other healthcare facilities. So, for the long-term intensive care of admitted patients, registered nurses are needed, and it is one of the most in-demand jobs in Canada.

Other Jobs in Demand in Canada Due to Covid

Here is a list of the other most in-demand jobs in Canada due to covid:

  • IT Consultants
  • Retail Supervisors
  • Accountants And Financial Professionals
  • Help Desk and IT Support
  • Janitors and Cleaners
  • Warehouse Workers
  • Business Developers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Specialists
  • Security Analysis and Architects

What are the Best Ways to work In Canada?

There are a number of ways through which you can work in Canada, either temporarily or permanently.

Working Temporarily in Canada

If you’re planning to move temporarily to Canada for work purposes, you will need a work permit to work legally there.

Work permit

A Canadian work permit is permission to take a job within Canada if you are from a foreign country. To get the work permit:

  • You need to get a job offer from a Canadian employer before you apply.
  • The employer must apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), which allows them to recruit foreign skilled workers for occupations that cannot be filled in by citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

General Eligibility Requirements for Obtaining the Work Permit

  • prove to an officer that you will leave Canada when your work permit expires.
  • show that you have enough money to take care of yourself and your family members during your stay.
  • have no record of criminal activity.
  • be in good health and have a medical exam.
  • not plan to work for an employer listed with the status “ineligible”.

Suitable Jobs for Temporary Workers in Canada

Here are the most in-demand jobs in Canada for temporary workers:

  • Executive Housekeepers
  • Industrial Butchers and Meat Cutters
  • Food and Beverage Servers
  • General Farm Workers
  • Livestock Workers
  • Cooker and Chef
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Nurses
  • Carpenters
  • Truck and Tractor Drivers

Working permanently in Canada

You can use Canada’s Express Entry system to become a permanent resident of Canada if you want to work permanently there.

Express Entry system

Image Source:

Express Entry organizes and processes applications for people who wish to immigrate to Canada and contribute to Canada’s economy.

Skilled immigration applicants can use the Express Entry system to apply for permanent residence under one of four economic immigration programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canada Experience Class Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program

To apply for the Express Entry, you need:

  1. to submit your profile which requires the following documents:
  2. Language test results
  3. Educational credential assessment report
  4. A passport or travel document
  5. to provide a more substantial application that includes reference letters, additional identity documents, police clearance certificates, and results of a medical examination, after receiving the invitation to apply.

General Eligibility Requirements for Express Entry

  • Be under 30 years of age.
  • Have at least three years of skilled work experience.
  • High level of English and/or French.
  • Completed post-secondary education that is assessed against Canadian standards with an Educational Credential Assessment.

Suitable Jobs for Immigrants in Canada

  • Software engineers and designers
  • Food service supervisors;
  • Information systems analysts and consultants
  • Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  • Administrative assistants (excluding legal or medical administrative assistants)
  • Financial auditors and accountants
  • Restaurant and food service managers
  • Advertising, marketing and public relations managers
  • University professors and lecturers

Most in demand Jobs In Canada FAQs:

What jobs will be in demand in 2022 Canada?

Based on 2021’s most in-demand jobs in Canada and the fastest-growing sectors, it’s predicted that these roles will be in high demand in Canada during 2022:

Registered nurses

Warehouse workers

Supply chain specialists

Technology professionals

Which job pays the highest salary in Canada?

Jobs belonging to the medical field are the highest paid in Canada followed by IT and business jobs. Professionals like surgeons, dentists and other physicians are at the top of the list of highest-paid professionals in Canada. Among them, surgeons have the highest average salary of 340,000 CAD per year.

What is the best career in Canada?

The employment sector in Canada is dominated by medical professionals with prolific degrees like doctorates and PhD. So, the medical field is one of the best careers in Canada as it is highly esteemed and also the most paying career.

What is the lowest paying job in Canada?

Most of the lowest paying jobs will simply pay the minimum wage of whatever region the job happens to be located in. The lowest paying job in Canada is of the bartender, who earns $20,091 – $42,837 on average per year.

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