How to Become a Management Consultant

by Usama Chaudry on September 7, 2022

If you are the kind of person who has good communication skills and likes leading roles, then being a management consultant can be a good career option for you. People who are active, smart, love to solve problems, and play leading roles can become great management consultants.

If you want to become a management consultant in Canada, this article is for you. Today, we will discuss a management consultant, including his duties, roles, and skills. You will also learn how to become a management consultant in Canada. Pay rates of consultant jobs in Canada are also discussed at the end.

Let’s discuss the topic in detail below. Keep reading till the very end to get all your queries answered.

What is a Management Consultant?

What is a Management Consultant

A management consultant is a person that helps businesses by maximizing growth, solving issues, and improving overall performance. They use their skills to add value to the company’s business. Their role also includes identifying the problems and suggesting recommendations for change.

Management consultants are professionals in their field. Their work fields include business strategy, marketing, human resources, and much more. These professionals either work internally or externally for a business.

An internal consultant works for a specific firm and reports to the company officials. At the same time, an external worker will work independently for different firms. He may offer his services to any firm anytime.

What Does a Management Consultant Do?

What Does a Management Consultant Do

A management consultant works with a company to improve its overall performance. He is responsible for many consulting duties in the field of management. Let’s enlist the major ones:

  • He gives the best pieces of advice for various company operations and projects
  • A management consultant works both internally and externally to facilitate a business
  • Consultants work for a small start-ups to large businesses
  • They may work for some specific industry, including IT, manufacturing, and health care
  • Moreover, a consultant sometimes needs to focus on one particular thing at a time, such as the generation of sales
  • He works for an individual firm and gives recommendations directly to the leadership, including CEOs and CFOs

Steps to Become a Management Consultant

Steps to Become a Management Consultant

If you want to become a management consultant, then follow the 3 simple steps described below:

  1. Earn a Bachelor Level Degree
  2. Gain Some Working Experience
  3. Earn Professional Certifications

1. Earn a Bachelor Level Degree

You can become a management consultant with a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or other related options. It is better to choose the work field according to the subjects of your degree. For instance, if you have a degree in IT, then go for information technology management.

To improve your consulting abilities, you may pursue training programs or diploma courses. They will polish your communication, facilitation, or public speaking skills. All these things will get you a bright management consultant resume.

2. Gain Some Working Experience

Experience is always something that adds value to your degree. The job of a consultant is to give useful advice regarding various issues. But no one can give good advice unless he has gained some experience in that field. Your professional experience will help you get better management consultant jobs.

2 years of fieldwork experience is the requirement of most hiring companies. For the first step, you can work as an associate management consultant. Once you have gained some experience, then go for senior management consultant roles. In this way, you will become an expert in your field. It will also increase the chances of better job options for you.

3. Earn Professional Certifications

Earning a professional certification is not mandatory for becoming a management consultant in Canada. But it will increase your job opportunities. A certified management consultant is always more respected and preferred by hiring teams as compared to uncertified ones.

Canadian Association of Management Consultants provides you with an opportunity to earn a professional certification. Their program includes training, referrals, and certification.

Skills Required to Become a Management Consultant

If you intend to become a management consultant, then you must polish the following skills:

1. Communication Skills

Many times, a management consultant needs to coordinate different sectors. For such purposes, communication skills are very important. A consultant must be good at interacting with people. He should have strong written and verbal communication skills. Also, he should be able to listen to problems, resolve conflicts, and ask questions.

2. Management Skills

Project management is the most important skill to become a project management consultant. He should be able to manage the projects with the clients and the contractors. These skills include sticking to deadlines and goals. One should know how to lead and make healthy strategies.

3. Troubleshooting Skills

The main job of a consultant is to solve all the problems coming in the way of his projects. It is his job to provide the best solutions to business problems. Also, he should be good at productive thinking. If a person is not good at solving problems, then he can’t be a good consultant.

4. Critical Thinking Skills

A good management consultant can think critically without involving emotionally in the issues. He should be able to do fact-based research. Identification of issues and data-driven models are also part of critical thinking skills.

5. Decision-Making Skills

Strong decision-making skills are also an integral part of management consultancy. A management consultant gathers advice from the company management. Then, he prepares a plan and presents it to the stakeholders. The decision must be efficient and effective.

Types of Management Consultant Jobs

Following are some common types of management consultants;

1. IT Consultants

An information technology management consultant offers guidance on database and software issues. He is responsible for making the best decisions in the field of IT. He also focuses on enterprise resource planning. They help businesses grow by resolving all technology-related problems.

2. Operations Consultant

An operation consultant manages and streamlines different operations. For instance, he supports the manufacturing process by increasing the company’s productivity and decreasing waste. Moreover, he will also focus on increasing the quality of production and meeting the standards.

3. Sales Consultant

A sales management consultant deals with the marketing sector. His core focus is to generate sales through social media advertisements and promotions. He supports the business by helping them generate more revenues. Monitoring budgeting strategies are also included in his responsibilities.

4. Human Resource Consultant

These types of consultants are responsible for employee management. For instance, they monitor the employee job satisfaction level. After carefully accessing the situation, they advise improving the performance of staff. They also devise or update human resource policies and employee satisfaction programs.

What is the Average Management Consultant Salary in Canada?

Regardless of the country, the salary of a business management consultant depends upon certain factors. These include a person’s qualifications, experience, and certifications. Furthermore, the location and reputation of the hiring firm also decide the average pay rate. Generally, the average salary of a management consultant in Canada is around $79,125 per year.

This salary may vary from place to place and firm to firm.


A management consultant is a good option as it offers rewarding jobs and a promising career. If you have good critical thinking and communication skills, you must go for it. All you need is a bachelor’s degree and some experience in the work field.

There are many types of management consultant jobs in Canada. You can choose the field of your choice. After seeing their average salary in Canada, choosing this job as your permanent career is a no-brainer.

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