In-Demand Jobs in Alberta

by Usama Chaudry on October 6, 2021

Young and looking for some of the most in-demand jobs in Canada?

Then Alberta might be the perfect place for you!

Alberta is situated to the west of Canada and borders the United States. It’s the ideal place to live and work in Canada for both young professionals and families as it offers a high family income, well above the Canadian average.

In Alberta, there are major jobs in the oil and gas industry, followed by service, forestry, education, finance, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing industries.

Alberta residents are among the youngest in the country, especially in the capital city of Edmonton.

According to the data compiled by YouthfulCities in 2019, Edmonton takes the top spot on a national index as the best place in Canada for young people to work. It ranked high for affordability and was one of the top cities at creating jobs.

Want to get employed and know about the in-demand jobs in Alberta?

Take a look and see if one of these occupations might work for you.

Most In-Demand Jobs in Alberta

Following are the most in-demand jobs in Alberta:

Desk Jobs in Alberta

1. Administrative Assistants

Average Salary: $46,279.00

NOC Code: 1241

2. Accounting Technicians

Average Salary: $46,755.00

NOC Code: 1311

3. Accommodation Managers

Average Salary: $58,443.00

NOC Code: 0632

4. Web Designers and Developers

Average Salary: $69,140.00

NOC Code: 2175

5. Software Engineers

Average Salary: $100,625.00

NOC Code: 2173

6. Human Resource Managers

Average Salary: $63,929.00

NOC Code: 0112

7. Financial Advisors

Average Salary: $75,834.00

NOC Code: 0111, 1114

8. Educational Counsellors

Average Salary: $62,470.00

NOC Code: 4033

9. Chief Administrative Officers

Average Salary: $142,272.00

NOC Code: 0012

10. Family Physicians

Average Salary: $236,512

NOC Code: 3112


1. Retail Salespersons

Average Salary: $30,255.00

NOC Code: 6421

2. Restaurant and Food Service Managers

Average Salary: $47,376.00

NOC Code: 0631

3. Construction Craft Workers

The responsibilities of a construction craft worker include site preparation and cleanup, access equipment setup and removal, and work on concrete and masonry, steel, wood, and pre-cast building projects. Besides, there are other types of construction jobs that are high in demand like plumber, cost estimator, building inspector, etc.

Average Salary: $50,786.00

NOC Code: 7611

4. Chefs

Average Salary: $44,600.00

NOC Code: 6321

5. Mechanical Engineers

Average Salary: $97,209.00

NOC Code: 2132

6. Bakers

Average Salary: $33,230.00

NOC Code: 6332

7. Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Average Salary: $95,238.00

NOC Code: 2133

8. Hairstylists and Barbers

Average Salary: $34,598.00

NOC Code: 6341

9. Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics

Average Salary: $82,864.00

NOC Code: 7312

10. Welders

Average Salary: $73,504.00

NOC Code: 7327

Which Jobs Increased In Demand Due to The Pandemic in Alberta?

Despite the fact that many industries and sectors of the economy were severely hit by the global pandemic, there are several careers in demand due to the pandemic in Alberta.

1. Computer and Information Systems Managers

These IT experts monitor and assess the actions of companies that manage digital software and other information systems.

The demand for this occupation increased in Alberta after the proclamation of the pandemic in March 2020, because many organizations shifted their work paradigm to online platforms that require expertise in digital software and other information technology.

In comparison to 2019, employment levels were higher in 2020.

Average Salary: $113,784.00

NOC Code: 0213

2. Employment Insurance Immigration, Border Services and Revenue Officers

The pandemic resulted in the launching of programs like the Employment Insurance and the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) by the Canadian Government.

This also drove up the demand for more workers in immigration, customs, border crossing, taxes, employment insurance, etc.

Employment for these occupations was higher throughout 2020 compared year-over-year to 2019.

Average Salary: $66,781.00

NOC Code: 1228

3. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants

Information systems analysts and consultants test systems requirements and offer advice on information systems issues.

Much like other IT occupations, they had been crucial to helping companies transition to remote work. They were considered essential workers while Alberta was in lockdown.

Employment for this occupation was 47% greater in April 2020 than it was in April 2019.

Average Salary: $92,349.00

NOC Code: 2171

4. Database Analysts and Data Administrators

Database analysts develop data management solutions, while data administrators execute data administration policies, standards, and models.

Throughout the pandemic, the government and other organizations had prioritized case tracking, so these workers had been involved in much of the COVID-19 data analysis process.

In addition, organizations’ growing use of technology and data has boosted demand for this occupation.

Average Salary: $83,879.00

NOC Code: 2172

5. Software Engineers and Designers

Software engineers and designers integrate and maintain a variety of different software.

Alberta’s IT industry has flourished in recent years. The main city, Calgary, has more than 400 tech companies that offer over 2000 job opportunities for workers in this occupation.

With a large remote workforce still in play, they are in huge demand, as companies across Alberta are looking for candidates who can code, design, and build applications, websites, or mobile apps.

Average Salary: $100,625.00

NOC Code: 2173

6. Construction Inspectors

Construction inspectors are required to ensure that new and existing buildings are up to code.

Even during the peak of the pandemic, this occupation was considered essential and allowed to continue operating.

The demand for workers in this occupation was 24% higher in April 2020 as compared to the previous year.

Average Salary: $75,924.00

NOC Code: 2264

7. Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors

With the influx of COVID-19 patients at hospitals, clinics, long-term care homes, and other healthcare facilities, the demand for nursing coordinators and supervisors increased in order to provide critical care to the patients.

In April 2020, employment for this occupation was substantially greater than it was at the same period in 2019.

Nursing coordinators are also in great demand in the oil fields and construction sector, in addition to hospitals and clinics.

Average employment levels in 2020 increased throughout the year.

Average Salary: $91,411.00

NOC Code: 3011

8. Pharmacists

Pharmacists give medicines to patients and offer advice to healthcare professionals. They might work at retail pharmacies or as independent contractors.

In April 2020, the demand for pharmacists increased by 14% compared to 2019.

Average Salary: $85,143.00

NOC Code: 3131

The pandemic has had a negative impact on mental health. It has aggravated the symptoms of individuals suffering from mental health disorders, as well as heightened feelings of loneliness and worry in many people.

As a result, there was an increase in demand for counselors in Alberta.

The employment rate for this occupation was 66% higher in April 2020 compared to April 2019 and continued that way throughout the year.

Average Salary: $61,978.00

NOC Code: 4153

10. Health Policy Researchers, Consultants and Program Officers

Health policy researchers develop reports and oversee the implementation of healthcare policies.

The pandemic boosted the demand for these workers to help research and build a policy on how to respond to the Covid-19 virus to ensure public safety.

In April 2020, employment in this occupation was 24% greater than in April 2019.

Average Salary: $77,355.00

NOC Code: 4165

11. Social and Community Service Workers

These workers help the government, other mental health agencies, group homes, or other organizations to implement programming that helps individuals deal with their social and personal problems.

The pandemic led to a lot of people facing addictions, homelessness, and domestic abuse.

Due to this, the demand for social workers was increased to assist people in seeking aid and obtaining community resources.

Approximately 21% increment in employment for this occupation was observed in April 2020 compared to 2019.

Average Salary: $36,834.00

NOC Code: 4212

12. Contractors and Supervisor, other construction trades, Installers, Repairers and Services

These skilled trades professionals supervise the activities of various tradespersons, including those in the masonry and plastering professions, among others. They work for a variety of companies or may run their own business.

Since the construction industry was deemed an essential industry, it was allowed to continue operations even during the pandemic.

Therefore, the demand for construction workers and skilled tradespeople increased during the pandemic.

When compared to the previous year, the employment rate for these trade workers increased by 65% in April 2020.

Average Salary: $75,405.00

NOC Code: 7205

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which jobs are in high demand in Alberta?

The following are high in-demand jobs in Alberta:

  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Revenue officers, employment insurance, immigration, border services, and immigration officers
  • Information systems analysts and consultants
  • Database administrators and analysts
  • Software engineers and designers
  • Construction inspectors
  • Nursing coordinators and supervisors
  • Pharmacists
  • Family, marriage, and other related counselors
  • Health policy researchers, consultants, and program officers
  • Social and community service workers
  • Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers, and servicers

What types of workers are in demand in Alberta?

The following types of workers are in demand in Alberta:

  • Early childhood educators and assistants
  • Transport truck drivers
  • Administrative assistants
  • Receptionists
  • Home building and renovation managers
  • Administrative officers
  • General office support workers
  • Accounting technicians and bookkeepers

Which NOC is in high demand in Alberta?

The following NOCs are high in demand in Alberta:

  • 0621
  • 1224
  • 6211
  • 6311
  • 6411
  • 9411

What is the most popular job in Alberta?

The following are the most popular jobs in Alberta:

  • Steam and power engineers
  • Environmental science jobs
  • Construction professionals
  • Management or skilled positions
  • Finance and insurance professionals

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