How to Get a Job in an Oil Rig?

by Usama Chaudry on June 16, 2022

Are you looking for a job related to oil construction or drilling?

Then the right option for you is getting a job on an oil rig. The professional people perform various tasks and duties while working on an oil rig. One of these tasks includes extracting oil from underground structures by underground welding.

Do some people often wonder about how to get a job on an oil rig? You must be a quick learner so that you can handle the situations efficiently if you want to work there.

This article will describe all steps required to work on an oil rig, the career opportunities, and the skills required by the workers.

What is an Oil Rig?

The machine that drills holes into the earth’s surface for extracting oil is known as an oil rig. There exist oil rigs at different locations like land, desert, or oceans, and the professionals work there. The professional workers extract oil from offshore wells by welding and digging techniques.

An oil rig provides a structure that plays the role of land or offshore drilling and extracting oil by using various equipment. It provides easy access to oil through various technicalities used by professionals.

The small-sized oil rigs provide various advantages in extracting the oil because they can be moved from one place to another easily.

 You may call any bus, drilling apparatus, or welding carriage an oil rig that performs the role of oil extraction.

What Environment can one Face while Working on an Oil Rig?

The oil rigs work both on the land and in the sea performing various drilling and extraction purposes.

So the professionals have to keep themselves safe from any kind of injury or accident during drilling in this work environment. The workers have to perform their duties in both the night and day shifts for many hours.

Working on an oil rig demands the professionals set their accommodations according to the placement of the oil rig. The professionals have to stay in any hotel near the work environment if an oil rig works on the land.

On the other hand, the professionals have to stay inside an oil rig machine during their shifts. The work environment also includes the use of boats or sometimes helicopters for traveling from an oil rig to shore.

The onshore work environment can cause various injuries and environmental hazards. Anyone working on an onshore rig should prepare him/herself to face hazardous situations. The professional worker may have to face fire, dangers due to machinery, and fatigue due to long hours of work.

How to Get a Job on an Oil Rig?

It includes various steps that a person should follow while looking for how to get a job on an oil rig. There is a high job demand in Canada, especially in the oil and gas sector. People can avail themselves of a large number of career opportunities on an oil rig depending upon their education, training, skills, and related experience.

Following are some steps to follow to get a job on an oil rig:

  1. Minimum standards required to apply
  2. Complete know-how about oil fields
  3. Create a plan for a specific career
  4. Getting experience
  5. Creating an attractive CV or resume
  6. Getting advanced training and education

1. Minimum Standards Required to Apply

Working on an oil rig provides opportunities and tasks related to the oil extraction process. So these companies have some standards set which should be fulfilled before applying for a job. The standard’s requirements may vary from company to company.

But some standards should be followed in any way which include:

I) The minimum age to apply to an oil rig company should be 18 years

II) Clearing a physical fitness test becomes necessary for getting an oil rig job

lII) A person should be able to handle both day and night shifts

These are the minimum standards set by the oil rig companies for hiring professionals. Anyone who wants to pursue his/her career in oil platforms or oil extracting companies should have the above-mentioned skills.

2. Complete Know-How About Oil Fields

An essential step before applying for any kind of job includes researching that job. A person should know his/her career preferences before applying. And for this purpose, he/she should explore everything related to the job field.

 In the same way, people willing to work on an oil rig should explore the related training and course programs.

To know whether working in an oil and gas production company is a good career path or not, a person has to do thorough research. The complete research on an oil rig will help a person to look at the jobs from a different perspective. It will become easier for him/her to choose the specific career option on an oil rig depending upon their interests.

Also, stay in contact with the senior workers and learn the techniques and tricks from them.

By gaining complete information and knowledge about an oil platform company, a person can perform better to get a specific job.

3. Create a Plan for a Specific Career

Once you’ve completed your research about an oil rig and its jobs, you can select a specific career path for you. The career selection will help you in making a plan about how to get a job on an oil rig.

Different jobs require different skill sets. So take the training programs from the instructors regarding your area of interest for the job. A person must know in which department he/she is working and what will be its pros and cons.

The learning plan from various instructors and trainers helps a person in gaining full command of a certain skill set. So this thing will benefit him/her when that person applies for a job on an oil rig.

4. Getting Experience

Gaining experience related to the selected career path will prove very beneficial in getting a job on an oil rig. Try to get the maximum training programs relating to your fieldwork. Make yourself fully prepared for a certain opportunity before applying for work.

In addition, working with different companies related to your specific role will provide you with certifications. The certifications and experiences help a person get the desired work opportunity on an oil rig.

Different oil companies require different certifications and skills according to the criteria of the job. So prior preparation will help anyone in getting the required job.

5. Creating an attractive CV or Resume

Create the best profile of yourself and mention all your skills, experience, and education before applying. It will help you to get the desired job because of your mentioned skills and abilities in your CV.

Also mention all your experiences, training programs, and certifications in your cover letter. In addition, mention your technical abilities and skills which will help you in working on an oil rig.

6. Getting Advanced Training and Education

The different levels of job demand different educational and training experiences from the people. There exists several job opportunities for working on an oil rig.

And to avail one of the best opportunities, you should get the maximum training and required education. A BOSIET certificate will also be necessary to work on an oil rig.

In addition, various degrees will be required for getting upper-level career opportunities. For example, the required educational level will be different for the engineers, plumbers, managers, and diggers.

For this purpose, get the educational level required for your preferable career opportunity.

Skills Required to Work on an Oil Rig

 A person who is willing to apply for a job on an oil rig should have some specific skills. These skills will help in getting the preferred career opportunity.

Let’s discuss some of these important skills:

1. Physical strength: The healthy body and physical strength play an essential role in getting a job on an oil rig. One of the most important skills required by the workers includes enduring physical and mental challenges.

2. Effective communication: The professionals do not work individually on an oil rig. Instead, they work in teams, so they have to communicate with each other. Better communication skills help the workers in performing their duties effectively.

3. Active minds: One of the main skills required by the workers on an oil rig is having an active mind. The jobs on oil rigs demand careful listening to the instructions for safety purposes. Moreover, a person should have a sharp mind to follow all the directions for a secure work environment.

4. The specific set of skills: The professional workers need some specific skills to work on an oil rig. There is a demand for different skills in workers. Depending upon their career path, the workers should learn basic mechanical, technical, medical, or electrical skills.

5. Data interpretation skills: The person must be able to gather and understand data analysis work.


So this article provides a complete discussion about how to get a job on an oil rig. We discussed the types of work on an oil rig, its risk factors, and the work environment. A person who is willing to work on an oil rig should have to follow some steps to get a job.

 If anyone doesn’t follow the required steps, he/she will not be able to get an oil rig job. Similarly, professional workers should have some specific set of skills for working in an oil rig department.

Usama ChaudryUsama has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Computations of electrical and thermal characteristics are among his research interests. Usama's hobbies outside of professional work include reading, playing tennis, and trekking.


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