How to Become an Oil Driller?

by Usama Chaudry on May 16, 2022

The oil rigging process is a responsibility of an oil driller. You must be wondering, “How to become an oil driller”?

We are taking on this topic today and will try to explain all the aspects to help you become an oil driller.

There are many practices and expertise required to match the duty of an oil driller in the field. So the supervision takes a lot of experience. Now let’s not waste more time here and begin our discussion right away,

Who is an Oil Driller?

You can understand an oil driller as the command to operate an entire crew involved in the drilling process.

Additionally, you might just hear driller, but that refers to the oil drilling process. So it’s like supervision involving a very sensitive process.

Also, there are automatic drillers in the field digging holes, but an oil driller signals the pace and frequency of digging. He is also responsible for signaling work when it concerns the safety profile of the workers.

Oil drillers are held responsible for the safety measures like gas pressure building. So an oil driller is an essential subject in the field.

How Can You Become an Oil Driller?

Here are the steps that will help you understand the requirements to become an oil driller. So let’s get started!

  1. Perform research
  2. Search using resources and apply
  3. Acquire certifications
  4. Get selected

1. Perform Research

Researching the oil-based industry is very important when it comes to employment as an oil driller. You need to have essential information regarding the industry and processes. It is absolutely necessary to put your thoughts into function.

Interviewers ask many related queries when you are seeking a job. But when you have the proper research done, you will not face hassle and troubles during an interview.

2. Search Using Resources and Apply

It is important to put your connections to work. Look for online job postings related to the oil driller’s position. That will help you gain more insights regarding the requirements at work and the nature of work.

Moreover, you can always use your connections to search for this position and apply eventually.

Now, you must acknowledge something when it comes to the applying process. You will have to apply for multiple vacancies at the same time.

That will help you gain a higher chance of getting selected for the interview.

3. Acquire Certifications

That will allow you to enter the field with confidence. There are a couple of certifications required to support your expertise at work. In addition, different countries have different certifications.

You will have to search online to apply for certifications. Besides, you always need training for certain capabilities or requirements at work.

Such training is offered at marine safety schools. So make sure to satisfy this scope as well.

4. Get Selected

You will be selected based on the requirements at work with respect to the position. Some people choose to start from the very basic stage and use the experience to exalt their jobs. A driller will require a bachelor’s degree and the certifications necessary to apply.

Make sure to take up a firm attitude from the beginning and start working as an oil driller in the field.

What Skills Are Required to Be an Oil Driller?

It takes an entire process to become an oil driller. So there are some skills needed to become a successful oil driller in the field. The skills are listed below!

Critical Thinking

This skill is seriously important as a driller. It would help if you had a thinking process that can evaluate the complexity of a situation at work.

There can be many possible obstructions to the rigging process at different places. So a driller must be acquired deep critical thinking to solve the confusion.

Communication Skills

Master the method of effective conveyance if you wish to become an oil driller. A driller is in charge of the entire crew at work. So, signaling and giving instructions must be effortless for a driller.


You must acquire great knowledge about what you do. This requirement explains “how to become an oil driller.” There should be knowledge regarding every process and safety concern for an oil driller.


A driller must be intelligent and confident about the decision-making concerning the work in the field. So confidence is a key trait of a driller at work. A person lacking self-confidence will not be able to undertake the toils of this work.

Is a Career as an Oil Driller Worth It?

An oil driller’s salary is excellent when we look over annual records. But you are to specify the suitability of this work in your decision-making. See if you are in a position to become an oil driller.

Besides, Living conditions also matter in this work. Some people tend to compromise on the safety and living conditions at work.

On the flip side, some people rely on top-notch living standards, and they don’t compromise at all.

So, people who want to make more money by accepting the working conditions can actually take on this field with confidence. So if you are looking to make a good amount of income, a career in the oil and gas industry is really worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- How long does it take to become an oil driller?

You can’t simply become an oil driller in a few days of practice. But, you will have to undergo a traineeship with respect to drilling operations and their study.

There are different levels of traineeship at work. A normal level 3 traineeship takes about 12 to 24 months of time.

Therefore, you will require some time to get your training done and practice oil drilling professionally.

2- What qualifications do you need to be an oil driller?

Some people opt for the experience, and they start at entry-level, which requires a high school certificate. In addition, there are higher posts in this field requiring at least a bachelor’s degree to get things started.

3- What does a driller do on an oil rig?

A driller is supervising the drilling process at work. He is responsible for all duties concerning the safety and the progress at digging sites. Therefore, he scrutinizes and patterns the work alongside its efficacy.


So, that was our discussion regarding “How to become an oil driller” in thorough detail. The field has much to cover in terms of responsibilities and safety at worksites. In addition, becoming an oil driller is not an easy process.

It takes great patience and a skill-building process alongside a professional traineeship. That way, you can become an oil driller.

Usama ChaudryUsama has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Computations of electrical and thermal characteristics are among his research interests. Usama's hobbies outside of professional work include reading, playing tennis, and trekking.


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