How to Become a Construction Manager in 2022

by Usama Chaudry on August 24, 2022

Construction managers keep an eye on several factors of a construction project to ensure everything goes according to plan. They use their building expertise and leadership abilities to manage projects and stick to schedules.

Finding out how to become a construction manager might help you determine whether a job in the construction sector is the best fit for you if you’re thinking about doing so.

In this article, we will discuss what a construction manager does, the steps to become one, the average annual income, and the job responsibilities of these workers. Moreover, we will also help you discover the educational requirements, skills, and the best way to find construction management jobs.

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Does a Construction Manager Do?

Construction managers, sometimes known as general contractors or project managers, collaborate and oversee various projects, including creating all sorts of public, personal, commercial, and industrial facilities, roadways, landmarks, and flyovers.

Either a general contractor or a construction manager is in charge of supervising the project’s construction process. Still, the latter may also interact with the customer during the project’s design stage to assist with home construction plans and keep expenses under control. Construction management and project management do have their distinctions. We suggest you check out our comparison of Construction Management Vs. Project Management to get a better idea.

7 Steps to Become a Construction Manager

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become a construction manager:

  1. Obtain a college diploma
  2. Earn work experience
  3. Consider becoming a supervisor
  4. Pursue a master’s degree
  5. Acquire certifications
  6. Tailor your resume
  7. Seek employment

1. Obtain a College Diploma

First and foremost, you must earn a college diploma in construction technology to become a construction manager. Through your education, you can learn about the instruments, gear, procedures, and materials you may employ in the construction industry. You might also enroll in project management courses that can assist you in honing your leadership abilities.

2. Earn Entry-Level Work Experience

It is crucial to earn experience as a construction professional to strengthen your leadership abilities and construction expertise. After obtaining your degree, submit applications for entry-level construction jobs. Keep a close eye on other construction experts to better grasp the skills and methodologies they employ while operating. Throughout your entry-level role, you may serve as an assistant or a seasoned construction manager, which may provide you with knowledge of numerous aspects of the practices and regulations involved in construction management.

3. Consider Becoming a Supervisor

You need to work as a construction supervisor before becoming a construction manager. Serving as a construction supervisor can benefit you in building your leadership abilities and boosting your confidence in a managerial role. You can seek supervisor positions at different construction companies or advance within the organization where you already hold employment. Try to obtain opinions from coworkers while serving as a supervisor to discover which management approaches are most effective for them. You can implement any feedback you get to enhance your management skills and your relationships with teammates in the future.

Here is a detailed guide on the top construction companies in Canada where you can apply for supervisory positions.

4. Pursue a Master’s Degree

It will be beneficial to consider attaining a master’s degree in project management if you wish to advance your career and enhance your leadership skills. Furthermore, it can help you acquire the managerial and organizational abilities you need to lead a project successfully. For this, you will need to search online to discover master’s programs that suit you. What’s great is that several master’s programs permit you to attend classes part-time, so you might be able to maintain your construction management job while pursuing your degree.

5. Acquire Certifications

Although having a construction management certification may not be mandated by recruiters, obtaining one could help you better comprehend management principles and construction methods. You might acquire any of the following credentials to become a certified construction manager:

  • Gold Seal Certification
  • Project Management Competence Certification

6. Tailor Your Resume

It’s crucial to create a resume that accurately highlights your management abilities and construction expertise to assist you in landing a job as a construction manager. Add detailed information about your responsibilities for each construction job, and make an effort to demonstrate your leadership abilities throughout the CV. Always update your resume frequently to include any new expertise, experience, or credentials. Finally, compose a tailored cover letter that matches the construction manager job description to showcase your capabilities and build an instant connection with recruiters.

7. Seek Employment

You can apply for construction management jobs if you polish up your managerial abilities and possess some experience as a construction supervisor. Search online to discover managerial roles in the construction industry that are best suited for you. You can also ask the experts in your circle if they know of any job openings in construction management.

Duties and Responsibilities of Construction Manager

A construction manager’s job description entails the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Ensuring that all experts engaged in a construction project deliver effective and top-notch work.
  • Keeping everyone informed of the project’s status and development by discussing with them.
  • Detecting possible risks and devising solutions to keep the construction worksite safe.
  • Keeping track of and managing a project’s expenditure and taking financial decisions as needed.
  • Delegating construction tasks to teammates depending on each crew member’s competencies, experience, and construction capabilities.
  • Assuring coworkers adhere to the contract’s specifications.
  • Generating reports that give an overview of a project’s status and contain details about the activities and deadlines.

Educational Requirements for Construction Manager

Following are the educational requirements essential for a construction management career:

  • Completion of secondary education.
  • Acquire a college diploma in construction technology.
  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree in business, construction, or engineering.
  • Gold Seal Certification that the Canadian Construction Association offers.
  • Project Management Competence Certification that the Project Management Association of Canada offers.

Skills Required to Become a Construction Manager

You need various abilities and talents to excel in this job role. We’ll now go over some of the crucial skills and competencies required to thrive in the construction management industry:

  • Leadership skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Communications skills
  • Adaptability in project planning
  • Dealing with workplace dangers
  • Budget management
  • Technological potential for advancements
  • Managing the job flow
  • Cutting-edge industry expertise

Construction managers must demonstrate these abilities to flourish in their line of work. Additionally, supervising construction projects need these capabilities in a construction manager to anticipate better results at the end of the day. As a result, these competencies might help you become more competent in construction management.

How Much Does a Construction Manager Make in Canada?

The average construction manager’s salary is CAD 82,186 per year in Canada, which translates to CAD 42.15 per hour.

An entry-level construction manager’s salary in Canada is about CAD 68,084 per year or CAD 34.91 per hour. On the other hand, the most experienced construction managers earn up to CAD 125,000 per year or CAD 64.10 per hour.

Types of Construction Managers

There are two types of construction managers:

  1. Residential construction managers.
  2. Commercial construction managers.

1. Residential Construction Managers

Experts that plan, budget, and oversee the creation of houses are known as residential construction managers. Usually, they don’t participate in the actual construction process. In addition to recruiting and supervising staff, their job responsibilities include planning projects, keeping an eye on building progress, obtaining permits, and managing project expenditures. Residential construction managers also monitor the quality of the job, assure a safe working environment, and guarantee prompt payment of contractors.

2. Commercial Construction Managers

Commercial construction managers support the owners’ interests and supervise the commercial construction operation from beginning to end. They oversee architects, engineers, builders, and subcontractors from the commencement of a project through its completion. In addition to analyzing blueprints and assessing the viability of construction, their job duties also involve assisting the client and architect during the design process, evaluating expenses, and monitoring the construction.

Best Way to Find a Job as a Construction Manager in Canada

The best way to find a construction management job in Canada is to obtain a college diploma in construction technology. Attaining a bachelor’s degree in business, construction, or engineering will also be beneficial as most employers demand the applicants to possess one. 

Gathering employment experience by working as an assistant or supervisor can also boost your chances of landing a job as a construction manager.

Lastly, becoming a certified construction manager by acquiring relevant certificates is a great way to showcase your competencies to hiring managers and secure your desired position.

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Individuals who aren’t intrigued by a conventional desk job are drawn to the field of construction management. Construction management is a good career path as it allows you to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, the salary is competitive for managerial positions, and the final result is spectacular and something to be proud of.

The article covers an overview of a construction manager’s job description. We discussed the job responsibilities, educational requirements, average pay, and even the best way to find construction management jobs in Canada.

Overall, this article provides a thorough insight into how to become a construction manager.

If you want to read more informative articles like this, we recommend you go through our blog section. We have many resources available to help you make an informed career decision.

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