How Much Does a Construction Worker Make in Canada?

by Usama Chaudry on August 17, 2022

The construction industry is crucial to ensuring the safety of structures and buildings. The construction business in Canada is huge, employing roughly 1.2 million men and women. You can work in a wide range of construction-related roles, each requiring specific abilities and expertise.

So, if you are thinking of pursuing a career in the construction sector, this must be your core consideration:

How much does a construction worker make in Canada?

Luckily, you can find a wide range of positions in this industry that pay handsomely. Therefore, understanding more about the various jobs in the construction sector can assist you in determining which occupation may be suitable for you.

This post lists six of the highest-paid construction positions along with their median incomes and primary responsibilities.

Moreover, we will discuss the average construction laborer’s salary, skills, and educational requirements crucial to securing a construction worker job.

So without any further ado, let’s begin our discussion right away.

Highest Paid construction workers in Canada

Positions with the highest construction worker salary are as follows:

  1. Equipment Operator
  2. Carpenter
  3. Installer
  4. Concrete Laborer
  5. Skilled Laborer
  6. Laborer

1. Equipment Operator

Equipment operators run the heavy machinery at construction workplaces. They check heavy equipment before and after use to ensure it functions correctly. Additionally, equipment operators load and offload items, carry out regular maintenance tasks, conduct basic repairs, and notify the relevant authorities of more severe repair concerns. They may examine, grease, and replenish the equipment used in construction.

Annual average income: CAD 70,803

You can read our separate article on how to become a heavy equipment operator if you are interested in pursuing this career path.

2. Carpenter

A carpenter is a skilled tradesman who builds, revamps, and develops structures, typically out of wood, but may also function with other materials. A carpenter may construct anything, including furniture, gates, racks, closets, and building frameworks. They adhere to the structural designs and blueprints to ensure that a project is constructed according to standards.

Annual average income: CAD 72,244

3. Installer

Installers place technological, structural, supportive, and kindred devices in various settings. For example, they might visit clients’ residences or workplaces to install electronic gear, fix issues with already-installed equipment, check connectivity, provide clients with user instructions, and tidy up after work.

Annual average income: CAD 63,704

4. Concrete Laborer

A concrete laborer is an expert in construction who excels in pouring concrete at work locations. They set up molds to construct door frames, structures, or pillars at building sites, including roadway construction and building bases. They might also put final coats on concrete structures or make repairs to concrete structures.

Annual average income: CAD 76,325

5. Skilled Laborer

Workers with the knowledge and training required to accomplish tasks linked to building and construction are referred to as skilled laborers. Their responsibilities vary according to the job, but some involve painting, drilling, flooring installations, and performing plumbing and electrical work. Furthermore, they may be required to perform other kinds of manual work.

Annual average income: CAD 53,392

6. Laborer

A laborer is an expert who conducts physical labor at a construction site. They perform various tasks, including setting up and cleaning the workplace, hauling bulky building supplies, and protecting the vicinity from dangers. A laborer may also be in charge of setting up the scaffolding needed to scale, build on a structure, and run the heavy machinery.

Annual average income: CAD 42,560

Salary of a Construction Worker in Canada by Region

The average construction worker’s salary is CAD 40,154 per year in Canada, translating to CAD 20.59 per hour.

An entry-level construction worker’s salary in Canada is about CAD 34,125 per year or CAD 17.50 per hour. However, the most experienced construction workers earn up to CAD 52,591 per year or CAD 26.97 per hour.

The following is the average annual construction worker pay in different regions of Canada:

Name of Province Average Annual Salary
Alberta CAD 42,900
British Columbia CAD 41,925
Ontario CAD 40,950
Quebec CAD 39,000
Saskatchewan CAD 38,025
Nova Scotia CAD 35,000
Manitoba CAD 34,125
New Brunswick CAD 29,250

Educational Requirements of Construction Workers in Canada

Most firms only demand a high school diploma from construction workers. However, while still in high school, individuals can further their abilities by enrolling in welding, woodworking, and math courses. Given that hiring managers can offer training opportunities to new recruits, further schooling is often not required.

Some recruiters could also consider employing a person eager to participate in training programs and acquire new abilities when conducting interviews.

Skills Required for a Construction Worker in Canada

Here is a list of the skills and competencies required for a construction worker in Canada:

Stamina and Strength: Most of a construction worker’s shift is spent standing up and completing various physical duties. Therefore, it’s crucial to possess the energy and stamina and sustain a healthy physique to carry out the tasks necessary for some projects.

Critical Reasoning: Construction workers adept at critical reasoning can recognize when something is amiss. As a result, they will be able to identify errors more quickly and figure out how to rectify them.

Hand-eye Coordination:  Hand-eye coordination is helpful for construction workers when using equipment and construction materials. It can aid in preventing accidents and errors related to construction operations.

Time-Management Skills: Construction workers are frequently required by their managers to establish and adhere to realistic deadlines to guarantee the accomplishment of each project phase and the commencement of the next. Comprehending how to utilize the time and resources to complete tasks is a crucial ability for several construction workers.

How to Become a Construction Worker in Canada?

You need to follow these steps to become a construction worker in Canada:

Acquire a high school diploma: Individuals usually need a high school diploma or GED before seeking to be a construction worker. However, they can strengthen their abilities while still attending school by enrolling in advanced math courses, woodworking classes, or other pertinent credentials.

Obtain an apprenticeship: Anyone interested in becoming a construction worker should first complete an apprenticeship. This enables individuals to receive training while on the job and learn under a seasoned construction worker.

Attain relevant certifications: Individuals wanting to become construction workers should prepare for a job by enrolling in health and safety certification programs before seeking employment. Entry-level applicants who are a novice in the profession can benefit from these certificates as they provide understanding about safety.

How to Get a Job as a Construction Worker in Canada

There are numerous options to find employment as a construction worker in Canada. The most effective way is to use a job search engine such as Primus Workforce to look for a position. Primus Workforce is an organization that assists job seekers in Canada’s oil and gas sector. With the help of our find work page, you can look for open posts and submit your application directly to recruiters.

You can also connect with other experts in your sector to find out if the organizations they work in have any vacancies.

Regardless of the approach, you choose to search for a job, conduct thorough research on the corporation and the role before applying for it. By doing this, you can ensure that you are a suitable fit for the organization and possess the abilities and experience they seek.


A job in construction can be a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your abilities and collaborate with others to achieve a common objective. Moreover, construction workers are a crucial component of any construction company since they can carry out many physically demanding tasks during all steps of a project’s construction.

We hope this article helped you gain insight into how much does a construction worker make in Canada. If you’re interested in learning about the top Canadian construction companies to work with, we recommend you check out this article.

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