7 Best Fluid Hauling Jobs in Canada

by Usama Chaudry on June 27, 2022

Fluid haulers are the truck drivers that haul heavy loads of fluids from plants to retailers and from retailers to customers. If you want to become one, you must be professional at truck driving, loading, and unloading heavy cargo and mapping the best routes for your travel.

For those looking for fluid hauling jobs in Canada, we have listed the best jobs in this article. You will see the list of companies offering the best possible rates and will also learn the various benefits of becoming a fluid hauler. To learn all the relevant stuff about this career opportunity, keep reading the article till the very end!

7 Best Fluid Hauling Jobs in Canada

In this section, we will be discussing the top 7 fluid hauling jobs offered in Canada. These are classified as the best based on their high demand and pay scale. The average salary for each career option is also added at the end for your convenience. You may choose the one that best meets your aptitude.

  1. Long Haul Class 1 Truck Driver
  2. Class 1 Owner Operator Truck Driver
  3. Class 3 Lubricant Delivery Driver
  4. Hazmat Driver
  5. Crude Oil Transport Driver
  6. CDL Class A Truck Driver
  7. Seasonal Delivery Driver

1. Long Haul Class 1 Truck Driver

If you are good at driving trucks for long distances, then long haul class 1 truck driving could be the right job for you. You would have to deliver fluids over long distances while taking complete responsibility for their security and timely delivery. Efficient planning of routes and performing service checks before departure also come under the responsibilities of a truck driver.

Most of the fluid truck jobs in Canada demand a high school diploma or equivalent. The driver should also be capable of planning routes efficiently, driving safely, solving management issues, and working for long hours. Some high-degree firms may also demand a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) or 5 years of prior experience.

Average Salary: $65,922 per year

2. Class 1 Owner Operator Truck Driver

If you own a truck and want to work with clients on an independent basis, then this is the perfect career opportunity for you.  A class 1 owner-operator truck driver is responsible for hauling fluids over long distances while adhering to all traffic laws and regulations. They also perform monitoring of different tasks, communicate with the dispatchers, and plan routes for the best in-time deliveries.

Sound traffic knowledge and the ability to log heavy cargoes are a must to land such jobs. As far as qualification is concerned, a high school diploma along with a class A, B, or C CDL may be required. Usually, there is an age limit of 21 years or more to earn this job. Some firms may also demand an off-road driving experience. A clean driving record and good communication skills are also very important.

Average Salary: $125,875 per year

3. Class 3 Lubricant Delivery Driver

Lubricant delivery drivers are responsible for the safe loading and delivery of bulk products to the customers through off-highway paths. They also complete daily inspection tasks, complete paperwork, and communicate with the customers.

Most of the companies offer on-field training, however, previous fluid hauling experience is a plus. No specific qualification is required for this job. A person with a high school diploma and clear driving history is good to go for this job.

Average Salary: $33,150 per year

4. Hazmat Driver

Hazmat drivers are commonly highly experienced professionals in the fluid hauling field. They are responsible for the safe transport of hazardous material over the road. This may include hazardous chemicals such as mercury and silica. They are responsible for maintaining general safety standards to ensure the safety of the public.

Commonly, this position requires a high school diploma and a CDL. That said, some companies may require extra certifications as handling and delivering toxic substances is not an easy job to do.

Average Salary: $54,893 per year

5. Crude Oil Transport Driver

The duties of a crude oil transport driver include operating a large tractor-trailer and safely delivering the products to gas stations. They also check and maintain the vehicle for safe transport. Maintaining the logs of transactions also comes under their duty.

Employers usually demand prior experience as a commercial driver before considering candidates for this position. If you have been a hazmat driver in the past, there is a high chance that you will easily get this job.

Average Salary: $44,600 per year

6. CDL Class A Truck Driver

A CDL Class A truck driver is mainly responsible for transporting cargo between the manufacturing plant and retailing centers. They must plan their routes correctly, ensuring safe deliveries. They must follow all the traffic rules and meet delivery schedules.

A Commercial Driver’s License is required to become a class A truck driver. Any certifications earned for safe driving, handling toxic substances, and off-road transport can help you secure a better job. Some highly reputed firms may demand a prior experience in commercial driving.

Average Salary: $49,718 per year

7. Seasonal Delivery Driver

Seasonal Delivery Drivers are responsible for transporting and exchanging filled fluid containers for the empty ones. Customer service may be a part of your experience. This is an excellent opportunity for someone who has successfully worked with a high degree of independence and has dealt with people.

The job requirements include a high school diploma along with a CDL. Employers usually ask for a one-year experience or more before hiring. You must be good at invoice processing and account settlement on a daily basis.

Average Salary: $44,850 per year.

Top Companies for Fluid Haulers in Canada

If you are looking for a fluid hauling job in Canada, then it’s better to first investigate the top companies offering such jobs. The factors you should consider include pay rates, reputation, management, and experience of the drivers already working there.

In this section, we are going to enlist some top companies in Canada that offer the best fluid hauling jobs in Canada. The five top most renowned fluid hauling companies in Canada are listed below:

  1. Bison Transport (Terminals in Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta)
  2. TFI International (Terminals in Montreal, U.S, and Mexico as well)
  3. Challenger Motor Freight (Terminals in Chicago, Quebec, London, and Long beach)
  4. RWR Trucking Inc. (Terminals in Camrose and Wetaskiwin)
  5. Triple Eight Transport (Terminals in Acheson AB, Abbotsford BC, and Calgary AB)

All of the companies we have listed are known for their good management and high pay rates ranging between $34-$38 per hour.

Highest Paying Cities for Fluid Haulers in Canada

To find the best fluid hauling job in Canada, you must be aware of cities where your services are needed the most. We have made a list of 5 Canadian cities that offer the highest paying fluid hauling jobs for your convenience. You can choose the one that best meets your demands:

1. Saskatchewan

You will see a high demand for truck drivers in Saskatchewan. The average yearly salary of a hauling driver there is around $55,370.

2. British Columbia

British Columbia offers hundreds of different job opportunities for long-haul truck drivers as well as logging truck drivers. The average yearly salary of a driver is $54,821 there.

3. Nova Scotia

Truck drivers can find various kinds of hauling jobs in Nova Scotia. Jobs for long-haul truck drivers and delivery drivers are most common among them. The average salary offered in Nova Scotia is around $54,456 per year.

4. Alberta

Alberta also has a high demand for long-haul and heavy truck drivers. An average driver can earn up to $59,910 a year in Alberta.

5. Ontario

Many trucking jobs are available in Ontario but not all of them are for fluid haulers. Their average salary is about $60,472 a year.

Most Common Benefits for Fluid Haulers

With the increasing demand, fluid hauling has become a very lucrative profession throughout the world. For professionals who are seeking a hauling position in the industry, it’s better to consider some general benefits of the job.

The top 5 benefits of this field are listed below:

1. High Demand

As stated above, fluid haulers jobs are high in demands in Canadian cities including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, etc. Just Google “best fluid hauling jobs Alberta” or “Fluid hauling jobs Edmonton” and you will be surprised to see hundreds of job opportunities listed there. We also often post fluid hauling jobs on Primus Workforce. Be sure to check out our find work page to land your dream job.

2. High Pay Rates

Fluid truck jobs in Canada usually offer generous wages along with multiple career opportunities. A professional fluid hauler can earn as high as $60,000 a year while working full-time. They also get many chances to increase their wages by doing some extra work such as managing paperwork and keeping work records, etc.

3. Experience

In the fluid hauling field, even working part-time as a truck driver gives you worthy experience that paves your way to the highest paying job opportunities. These jobs include equipment operator, and management posts mainly.

4. Flexible Working

Though the working hours in the fluid hauling field are usually long, you may choose the best suitable times for your work. You can choose the routes according to your choice. On-time and efficient delivery is all that the company demands from you.


Fluid hauling jobs are attractive job opportunities for truck drivers looking for a career in Canada. With the increasing commercial demands, the need for drivers is increasing day by day. Whether they are water or oil hauling jobs, we see attractive wages offered.

We hope that you have carefully gone through our list of best fluid hauling jobs in Canada and were lucky enough to find the one best meets your demands. All these jobs come with multiple benefits and ensure rewarding careers. You can select any of them considering your expertise and location. Best of luck from our side!

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