Top Environmental Engineering Companies in Canada

by Usama Chaudry on October 24, 2022

Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the environment and its major factors such as water bodies, soil, and air in order to diminish the adverse effect of human and industrial activities on the environment. Apart from this, environmental engineers are responsible for safeguarding the general public against deteriorating environmental conditions. 

When it comes to making a career as an environmental engineer in Canada, the opportunities are limitless. Plus, in Canada, an Environmental Engineer typically earns around 111,000 CAD per year. Individuals looking forward to entering the field of environmental engineering in Canada have a vast range of company options they can choose to work for.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of top environmental engineering companies in Canada that can become your next professional destination!

List of 5 Best Environmental Engineering Companies in Canada

5 Best Environmental Engineering Companies in Canada

Explore this list of the 5 best environmental engineering companies in Canada.

  1. CIMA+
  2. ICF International
  3. DST Consulting Engineers Inc.
  4. QM Environmental
  5. McElhanney

1. CIMA+

CIMA+ is a well-known Canadian advisory firm that deals with environmental engineering, project management, environment and geotechnics, urban planning, landscape architecture, and geomatics and surveying. CIMA+ was founded back in 1990, and since then it has developed rapidly to become one of Canada’s most popular environmental engineering firms.

Presently, the firm has roughly 2,400 employees working in over 30 offices in multiple locations in Canada and 5 offices in Africa. Natural resource engineering, energy installations, assessment of air quality, and geomatics surveying are among the vast range of services provided by the company. Furthermore, the firm is also widely known for providing services in substitute delivery models, 3D scans and drones, sustainability projects, and program development.

The work environment at CIMA+ is prominent for its motivating and fast-paced nature that enables an employee to work at maximum potential. An estimated CIMA+ construction revenue is around $184 million. According to Insider, the current market cap of CIMA+ stands at 1,462.00.

Most Jobs offered by CIMA+

2. ICF International

ICF International is a Canadian engineering company that was founded back in 1969. Since then, it has grown to become one of the most prominent global advisory firms along with landing a spot in the list of leading Canadian environmental engineering companies.

ICF International has been providing government agencies and private sector clients with breakthrough technology along with unparalleled expertise in order to resolve even the most complicated problems.

The company comprises over 8000 enthusiastic professionals working in 75+ offices located all over the world. Program implementation, research analytics, strategy and innovation, and cyber security are among the long list of services that ICF specializes in. According to ICF’s latest financial reports the present company revenue is around $1.61 Billion.

Furthermore, the current market cap of ICF is somewhere around $2.14 Billion. As of June 2022, the company’s net income was estimated to be roughly $18.4M, this is what makes ICF stand among other top Canadian environmental engineering firms. 1-year total trailing returns of ICF is calculated to be around 18.42.

Most Jobs offered by ICF International 

  • Senior software engineer
  • Data science manager
  • Lead UX Architect
  • Energy analyst
  • Senior quality assurance analyst

3. DST Consulting Engineers Inc.

DST Consulting Engineer is widely known for its services in various sectors such as energy, government, mining, and industry. Since the company was first inaugurated, DST Consulting Engineer has earned a prominent place in the list of leading Canadian companies in environmental engineering.

Environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, and building environment assessment are among the most prominent services offered by the company.

Currently, the company has roughly 170 employees with offices located in over 9 locations all over Canada. This engineering firm was founded back in 1956 with the name Dominion Soil Investigations, the name was changed to DST Consulting Engineers in the 1990s. The revenue of this firm is roughly around $25M-$50M.

Moreover, 1 year total trailing return of DST consulting currently stands at -3.64.

Most Jobs offered by DST Consulting Engineers Inc.

4. QM Environmental

QM Environmental is another Canada-based company that holds a prominent place in the list of top Canadian environmental engineering firms.

The company is famous for dealing with industrial and environmental-related projects. A few prominent services that the company provides to its clientele are the reduction of hazardous materials, environmental remediation, emergency administration, soil and waste management, and demolition.

Presently, the company has over 400 employees working in almost 10 offices all over Canada. The total revenue of QM environmental stands at $127 Million. According to a Yahoo finance report, the best one-year total return of QM environmental stands at 32.93%.

Most Jobs offered by QM Environmental

5. McElhanney

McElhanney is another Canadian company that provides multiple services related to geomatics, planning, engineering, landscape architecture, GIS, and remote sensing, to its huge clientele developed over the years. Since it first came into being, the company has expanded to over 30 locations with roughly 928 employees all over Canada.

The company was founded back in 1910, and since then it has continued to provide the public with professional environmental services to improve resource industries, transportation networks, and communities. The revenue of McElhanney is calculated to be somewhere around $226 Million.

Most Jobs offered by McElhanney

How to Get a Job in the Environmental Sector in Canada?

Get a Job in the Environmental Sector

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Are environmental engineers in high demand in Canada?

Individuals looking forward to working as environmental engineers have varying job prospects majorly depending on the location they will be working in Canada. Generally, environmental engineers are high in demand in Canada owing to the fact that most major industries require environmental engineers.

2- Is Canada good for environmental engineers?

Canada ranks as the 4th most popular country for environmental engineering jobs. In fact, Canada is known as the best country for making a career as an environmental engineer due to the staggering high job prospects that an individual receives in this specific field. Furthermore, the Canadian job market for environmental engineers is flourishing day by day.

3- Is it hard to find a job in environmental engineering?

There are tons of environmental job opportunities in Canada. This is because, as a country, Canada has always prioritized the environmental sector. Hence, the job market for Canadian environmental engineers is always in a good shape. One can easily land a high-income environmental engineering job in Canada with the right expertise and qualifications.


We hope you have received an abundance of guidance from the above top 5 environmental engineering companies in Canada, regarding the decision of shortlisting the company with you, want to build an environmental engineering career with!

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