13 Entry Level Construction Jobs in Canada [With Salaries]

by Usama Chaudry on March 24, 2022

Prior experience is required for many job positions before the recruiting manager will consider you for a particular role. However, there are several entry-level roles in various companies, meaning they don’t require previous work experience. 

If you are seeking construction jobs with no experience, you may be able to find one as there are many available construction jobs for beginners. You may also discover positions for construction jobs with no degree that best suits your interests and capabilities. After that, you can give a great interview so that the hiring manager considers making you an offer for a beginner construction job position on their team.

This article will discuss 13 entry level construction jobs with salaries and primary duties that may interest you to gain more knowledge about.  

13 Entry Level Construction Jobs in Canada

Here is a list of the 13 best construction jobs in Canada for entry-level positions:

1.     Flagger

National Average Salary: CAD 35,100 per year

The job of a flagger is to direct traffic around construction projects. They may place safety traffic cones, wave cars through with a flag, guide drivers to halt, record the license plate numbers of non-compliant motorists, and assist all drivers in adhering to the safety regulations of the region surrounding the construction zone while minimizing traffic jams.

2.     Laborer

National Average Salary: CAD 31,200 per year

A laborer helps construction team members with their tasks. They may also be required to clean construction sites, unload goods, gather and disperse structures, dig channels for piping, and prepare the construction site before work starts. To ensure that the project’s plans are followed, laborers follow blueprints and receive commands from the construction team and supervisors.

3.     Construction Inspector

National Average Salary: CAD 64,350 per year

A construction Inspector ensures that the structures being built by a construction workforce are safe and appropriately pitched. They check the structure’s various systems, such as electrical, plumbing, ventilation, and heating, to ensure that they are all in working order, are up to code, and have the appropriate permits for construction. Construction Inspectors adhere to the construction contract’s legislation, regulations, principles, and specifications.

4.     Flooring Installer

National Average Salary: CAD 40,950 per year

A flooring Installer is in charge of putting flooring in homes and other buildings. Depending on the project’s plans, they may install carpet, tile, wood, laminate, or other materials. Leveling the flooring, removing current flooring, measuring the space, and sourcing materials are all tasks that flooring Installers must perform.

5.     Framer

National Average Salary: CAD 49,915 per year

A Framer works on framing structures such as commercial and industrial buildings and residential homes. They figure out what framing materials they’ll require, measure the area that has to be framed, and cut the materials to fit suitably. Framing also includes installing structural elements such as doors, windows, and molding.

6.     Project Coordinator

National Average Salary: CAD 59,039 per year

A Project Coordinator’s job is to work with a Project Manager to ensure that a project is finished on time and within budget. They plan meetings with project task holders, discuss the project’s progress with project stakeholders, delegate work, and offer staff the resources they need to succeed in their roles.

7.     Safety Coordinator

National Average Salary: CAD 60,000 per year

A Safety Coordinator assists a Safety Manager in monitoring the activities of site staff and visitors. They ensure that everyone follows safety protocols and knows the state, local, and industry-specific safety rules and company-specific policies. Safety Coordinators also provide safety training, execute plans, and investigate worksite accidents, such as construction places. 

8.     Roofer

National Average Salary: CAD 50,700 per year

Roofers are in charge of putting roofs on buildings using particular materials such as shingles, metal, slate, tile, etc. They are responsible for repairing damaged or old roofs, maintaining roofs as per requests, and conducting inspections to consider any current or emerging issues. In addition, Roofers also have the duty of sourcing materials, organizing inventories, insulating roofs, and responding to clients’ and companies’ quote requests.

9.     Equipment Operator

National Average Salary: CAD 46,800 per year

On construction sites, Equipment Operators are responsible for driving and running the essential equipment so that the team members may create various structures such as bridges, buildings, and complexes. They may utilize dump trucks, bulldozers, lifts, and cranes, to mention a few, to work. Equipment Operators may also read blueprints, test the equipment to find any flaws that need to be addressed, do essential maintenance and repairs on the machinery, and instruct new operators about driving safely. 

10. Pipefitter

National Average Salary: CAD 62,400 per year

Pipefitters create piping systems for various building components, such as water, cooling, and heating equipment. They are responsible for following plans for measuring, cutting, installing the necessary plumbing, and maintaining and repairing the pipes as required. They may also replace the pipes if they rust or fail to function correctly due to any damage. 

11. Painter

National Average Salary: CAD 39,975 per year

Painters paint the interior and exterior walls and other surfaces of homes and buildings. They are also in charge of removing old paint or wallpaper, preparing the surface for painting, covering other surfaces around the painting area to prevent spills, and using tape around boundaries to perform their painting task. Painters may also employ weather protection outside the buildings to maintain the paint’s integrity and blend colors to obtain the ideal hue or consistency for clients.

12.  Solar Technician

National Average Salary: CAD 52,598 per year

Solar Technicians can install solar panels on buildings, especially residential ones. They may also participate in the construction process for new homes and office buildings, allowing these structures to benefit from solar energy for long-term electricity. Solar Technicians must conduct precise measurements to verify the correct size for a solar panel, test the equipment, resolve any problems, and route cords as needed around the building and grounds. 

13. Construction Worker

National Average Salary: CAD 39,975 per year

Construction Workers are responsible for performing several activities on a construction site, such as helping co-workers and Construction Managers with building structures. They offload and arrange building materials, drill and blast materials to connect or make space for other structures, mix concrete, dig up or put items with shovels, and clean up their work area. Construction Workers also have the duty of operating and running heavy machinery and ensuring their job is completed within time. 


Canada has many highest-paying jobs in the construction industry that need to be filled to develop and refurbish structures like schools, companies, hospitals, and houses in a safe and timely manner. If you are just starting, you can find several types of construction jobs for beginners, allowing you to work without having prior experience or degree. 

We hope learning about Canada’s 13 entry level construction jobs with salaries and primary duties helped you develop interest and better insight into the construction industry.

Usama ChaudryUsama has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alberta. Computations of electrical and thermal characteristics are among his research interests. Usama's hobbies outside of professional work include reading, playing tennis, and trekking.


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